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Crop Support frame 8' Long

Provide maximum support to your peas, broad beans or any medium height crops with these Crop Support Frames. Used year after year these long lasting aluminium supports let you quickly and easily create a very strong support structure for your plants.
Rust and rot proof - made from ľ" diameter aluminium tube, joined with strong nylon joints.

Quick and easy to assemble - use a wooden mallet to knock the joints into place.

Guaranteed secure anchorage - simply sink the frames 12" into the ground, leaving 4ft of frame above to support your plants as they grow.

Available as a single Crop Support Frame Pack or a Special Offer Pack of Two.

Buy a Pack of Crop Support Frame Packs and save money :
Pack of Two Crop Support Frame's - RRP Ł97.90 Special Offer Price Ł91.95 - Saving Ł5.95
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