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Conservatory Watering

Indoor Watering can be trouble free if you follow a few simple steps to ensure your plants get the water they want, when they want it. The first thing to consider it that most houseplants prefer chemical free rainwater rather than tap water - this is especially true for orchids, with growers going to great lengths to acquire and save it. You should also remember that over watering is the main reason houseplants die - where plants can often recover from periods of being too dry, if their compost is kept too wet their roots rot and the plant dies. Knowing when to water your houseplants can be tricky - different plants types need different amounts of water, whilst size of the plants, its container and the environment will all affect the amount of water needed. We stock a wide range of products designed to keep your house plants well watered - starting from a simple indoor watering can to deliver water to the surface of the compost, through to more sophisticated indoor watering systems that will care for your plants whilst you are away on holiday.