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Conservatory Lighting

When your house plants are suffering from lack of light, artificial indoor plant lighting may be the solution. You can use indoor plant lighting to supplement natural daylight or to replace it completely. Many house plants will positively flourish is provided with artificial lighting - African violets, begonias, bromeliads, cyclamen all of which need bright light in order to flower - whilst many foliage plants will also flourish under artificial lighting - aloe vera, spider plants etc.

Lighting> will affect the growth of your plants in two different ways: by the amount of light they receive - so the number of hours of light on your plants - and by the intensity of light - so the different levels of light, e.g. in natural light the intensity will change between full sun to full shade.

The amount ofl indoor plant lighting is important when using artificial lights indoors for your plants. Foliage and flowering plants will need between 12 to 16 hours of light per day to flourish. Ideally provide your plants with light at the same time every day - and remember that as much as needing light, plants also need at least 8 hours of total darkness per day. Also be aware that plants grown under artificial light will dry out more quickly, so will need more water than plants growing in natural light.