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Wheelbarrows & Garden Carts Greenhouse

Garden Wheelbarrows and Garden Carts make it easy for you to transfer even heavy loads and tools around your garden. These County Barrows include all those features that make a wheelbarrow easy to manoeuvre and really long lasting. All the wheelbarrow frames are galvanized, seam welded and have over-size cross braces to stiffen and strengthen the frame. Solid steel skids are welded onto the bottom of the legs, taking the strain of hard landings on concrete, gravel or wet soil so prolonging the life of the barrow. For improved traction and long life the tyres are 4 ply and have pneumatic inner tubes which means you can repair them easily if required. The other feature of the County Garden Wheelbarrows is that they can be converted from having one wheel to two - with all the models available in both of these options - or you can purchase a extra wheel conversion kit.