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Garden Cloches

Garden cloches are used by all gardeners at some point in the year, either to extend the growing season late on, or to get a head start at the beginning of the year. Another popular use for a garden cloche is to protect crops from pests during the main season.
Cloches are designed to give you weather protected growing areas within your garden which will help your plants to flourish. As part of our extensive range of cloches, we stock a superb collection of bell cloches which are ideal for protecting individual plants, tunnel cloches are used for protecting rows of cropping plants, whilst other larger cloches such as the Huge Tunnel Cloche can be used to cover whole beds providing you with loads of protected space in which to grow all manner of plants.
With such a wide range of cloches available, including glass cloches and plastic cloches you are sure to find a cloche that suits your exact needs.