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Bayliss Autovents

Bayliss, based in Ashbourne in the UK, has been manufacturing their Bayliss Autovents since 1964 they are a family business with an excellent reputation for the quality and reliability of their products.

The basic principle of all the Bayliss Autovents is the same, within each auto vent, is a strong metal power cylinder that contains a mineral wax that expands with the heat. This cylinder pushes a piston, opening your greenhouse window.

So as the temperature rises the window automatically opens, as the temperature falls, the window closes.

The Bayliss Autovents are made from stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Designed to provide you with many years of service, our selection of Bayliss Autovents is a sure way of enhancing your greenhouse-growing experience. Why not check out our greenhouse ventilation products which provide even more selection for your greenhouse ventilation needs?