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Polytunnel Spares

Polytunnel Spares enable you to keep your polytunnel in tip top condition.
Polytunnel Covers have a life expectancy of approx 5 years - so we stock both clear and opaque heavy gauge polythene enabling you to replace the cover when needed.
When you replace the tunnel cover you should use Anti-hot Spot Tape. This tape is placed over the hoops of the tunnel frame before fitting the cover. The smooth surface of the tape makes it possible for the cover to glide over the frame - preventing any snagging as you get the cover in place. More importantly Anti-hot Spot Tape will extend the life of the cover by approx. 1 year as it provides an insulating layer between the frame and polythene preventing hot spots, which cause the cover to stretch & weaken.
If your polythene cover is damaged, it's useful to have a roll of All Weather Tape with which to repair it. All Weather Tape is excellent for repairing tears - it's clear so allows light transmission and it's UV stabilised making it resistant to weathering.

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