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Conservatory Trays

Trays for use in the garden, greenhouse or home whether you're raising your own plants from seeds or cuttings, buying in plug plants or simply have a few houseplants to care for. We stock such a wide range of garden trays, in different shapes, sizes and materials that you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for. And as we manufacture a range of aluminium trays, if we haven't got the size you want we can make them for you - it couldn't be simpler.
Uses Of Our Gardening Trays:
Propagation Trays - we have a range of plastic seed trays, all featuring drainage holes, that you can use to sow seeds or grow cuttings. From the smallest Quarter Seed Trays ideal for on windowsills, through to our Deluxe Seed Trays perfect for use in a greenhouse. We also have a selection of Heated Trays to help you provide the perfect germination temperature for your plants, as well as traditional Propagation Trays for use with Soil Warming Cables.
Growing Trays - from Seed Trays to Plug Trays, Shuttle Trays and Jiffy Trays, you'll find a wide range of trays in all different sizes to suit every location. So whether you're raising plants on a windowsill, cold frame, mini greenhouse or full size greenhouse you're sure to find a tray to suit.

Potting Up Trays - you can keep your work surface neat and tidy - and pot up virtually anywhere by using one of our Potting Trays or Potting Tidies.
Shuttle Trays in a range of sizes suitable for potting up seedlings or plug plants into.
Watering Trays - designed to make it easy for you to keep your plants well watered - whether for use in your home or greenhouse.
Self Watering Trays are ideal when you're on holiday as they will hold sufficient water for approximately 2 weeks.
Watertight Plastic Trays mean that you don't have to water you're plants everyday - so watering becomes quicker and easier.
Storage Trays - traditional Timber Trays ideal for