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Components to Build Your Own Cages

If your serious about fruit and vegetable growing and have the space then it is well worth making a fruit and vegetable cage to protect all your hard work, there is nothing worse than watching all your crops being devastated by marauding birds, squirrels and other hungry pests.
All the components we use in the production of our very successful standard sized fruit and vegetable cages are available to you here, individually, in order that you can design and build your own cage for fruit and vegetables .
Before building your own fruit and vegetable cage it is well worth sketching out a design, bearing in mind, a walk in fruit and vegetable cage for instance, should be around 6' (1.8m) high and requires leg spacing's of no greater than 7' (2.13m) to 8' (2.44m) depending on the aluminium tubes and connectors used.
Alternatively send the sketch of your fruit and vegetable cage requirements to us and we will be pleased to provide a quote for you, for us to send you a ready prepared fruit and vegetable cage kit.