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Custom Build Service

Over the 48 years we've been in business we have developed our own range of top quality products. All made in Britain, by hand, to the highest standard in our warehouse in Chesterfield. This allows us to offer a custom build service on a wide range of products, including greenhouse benching, fruit cages and vegetable cages.

Simply let us know the item you are looking at and the size you require and we can provide a quotation. This will enable you to have products designed to be the perfect size for the space you have available. 

Here are a few examples of the custom built products we have manufactured for our customers:

Custom Built Commercial Benching 

We made this Commercial Benching in a range of special sizes to suit our customers greenhouse - it was even powder coated in the same colour as their greenhouse to make a perfect match!  

Custom built commercial benching  Custom built Commercial Benching  Custom built commercial benching 


Custom Built Plunge Bench and Commercial Bench Combination  

We loved this custom build design so much that it's now available in our catalogue as an addition to any Commercial Bench !!  And it's proving very popular !

 Custom built plunge bench and commercial bench  Plunge bench close up  Custom built commercial bench and plunge bench