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Greenhouse Lighting

Being able to control the outdoor lighting in your garden, your greenhouse or your allotment should be viewed as just as important as being able to control temperature, ventilation and humidity. Outdoor lighting can be used to provide you with more time in the greenhouse or it can be used to affect the growth of your plants.
Greenhouse lighting is designed to provide good general illumination - allowing you to work in your greenhouse when it's dark outside. Also known as supplementary lighting, greenhosue lighting can also be used to increase day length during those parts of the year when it starts to get dark earlier - the winter and spring months.
Grow lighting is designed specifically to help the growth of your plants and is often used to 'force' plants to flower out of season. This makes grow lighting more sophisticated than supplementary lighting, with the quality of light produced by grow lights being more closely controlled than supplementary lighting in your greenhouse.
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