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Garden Arches & Arbours

Garden arches are simple garden structures that can quickly and easily add interest and mystery to any garden.
Thoughtfully placed archway's can divide large gardens into smaller areas making the garden as a whole more interesting, by creating the idea of secretive and special places hidden beyond. Garden arches can also give height to flatter gardens creating impressive displays when roses, honeysuckle and other climbers are used to dress them, they can also create useful screens to hide unsightly bins and compost heaps.
Arches are one of the most romantic elements you can add to your garden, be it large or small, they can suggest that you are entering a new and special place and if dressed with the right plants can add tunnels of fragrance to dramatically change you outside space, whilst actually being of no practical use other than being a support for climbing plants.
Garden arches come in two main types - Metal Garden Arches and Wooden Garden Arches. A wooden garden arch is generally the choice of people who desire the more natural look in a traditional property, whist a metal garden arch is chosen by those who would prefer a more contemporary look in the outdoor space of a modern property.