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Garden Nettings & Fabrics

Garden Nettings & Fabrics are used in your garden and greenhouses for a wide range of purposes - this is why we stock a wide variety of crop protection nettings and fabrics to suit all your garden requirements. All our garden netting is strong, long lasting and UV protected and is available in a selection of mesh sizes and widths.
We stock crop and plant protection netting - our range of plastic nets can be used to cover frames or used directly over crops to protect from a wide range of pests, for example our Enviromesh is a very fine insect protection netting that will stop carrot fly damage, whilst our Butterfly Netting is fine enough to stop cabbage whites. Use our larger Bird Netting to protect your pond from herons as well as preventing debris from falling in.
Netting can also be used as a plant support - any of our bird netting, butterfly or pigeon netting can be used to provide support for a range of climbing plants.
As part of our garden netting range, wcan also provide shade and wind protection by using our Green Shade Net or Windbreak Netting. Reusable year after year our shade netting with efficiently shade your greenhouse with it's 50% shade value. Whilst our Windbreak Netting can be used to create temporary screens or permanent fences, reducing wind speeds by up to 50%.