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Conservatory Potting Up Equipment

Our range of high quality, professional Potting Up Equipment & Benches ensure you'll have a potting up area to be proud of. From a sturdy aluminium Potting Bench to a durable Potting Tidy, robust Compost Scoop & deep Compost Sieve all these items have been selected to make potting up as efficient as possible.
Potting Up Equipment is used for two main activities - Potting Up Seedlings and Repotting Plants.
Potting Up Seedlings needs to take place once they have filled the seed trays, modules or pots which they were originally sown in as their roots will need more space to continue to grow for healthy plants. Use a Dibber or Widger to gently ease seedlings out of the compost they are growing in without damaging their roots. Prepare the place they are being transferred into by making a hole large enough to accommodate the roots using a Dibber. Seedlings are placed in the hole, compost gently moved to fill the hole and the seedlings carefully watered to help them settle in. They can then remain in their new pot until they outgrow the pot - or are ready to plant out into their permanent position. When potting up seedlings we always recommend using 3 to 4 inch pots as these allow plenty of root for root growth.
Repotting Plants takes place when plants become too large for the pots they are growing in. This can occur when you are raising your own plants from seeds or cuttings. It can also need to be carried out to continue the healthy growth of pot plants/ house plants. By repotting plants you will be able to provide them with fresh compost which will provide new nutrients to promote new growth. You'll know your plant needs repotting is you see any of the following symptoms - roots protrude from the base of the pot or the plant stops growing or becomes limp.