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1.4m Wide Butterfly Netting per Metre

Our Anti-Butterfly Netting keeps pesky insects away from your crops. Made from moulded black plastic with a 6mm square mesh to help ensure your crops stay pest free. 
Made from moulded black plastic - extruded netting so semi-rigid

UV stabilised for long life.

6mm squares.

NOTE - Sold by the metre - order as many metres as required and cut to size.(for example if you order qty: 20 you will receive a continuous 20m piece)
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Two Wests own manufacture and design - As we design and manufacture this range of low fruit cages (strawberry cages) here in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we can vary the sizing infinitely. If our standard range of sizes do not suit your exact requirements then please give us a call, we will be pleased to tailor to your exact dimensions - usually at No Extra Cost. Anyone who grows fruit and veg at home knows that certain crops simply can't be raised successfully without some form of crop protection. Of course many things are suggested for keeping birds and other pests at bay, such as old CD?s and polythene bags hung among the plants. However, although these things may work initially, birds soon learn to ignore them and of course they have no effect at all on insect pests. As far as birds are concerned, nothing works as well as covering the crop completely with a good quality fruit cage. A fruit cage or on a smaller area, a netting clad cloche, is ideal for protecting your cabbages and lettuces from marauding pigeons, and means that you have complete peace of mind, no matter how many hungry birds circle your garden.
Expert Advice from Steve Ott - Editor for Kitchen Garden.