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Economy Gravel Trays

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of 15 Watertight Trays and you will SAVE £3.32 by buying in bulk. 
These low cost, good quality Economy Gravel Trays make watering of individual seed trays or small quantities of plant pots easy. 

Manufactured from good quality, rigid plastic for use season after season.

Dimensions: 15" (38cm) long, 9˝" (24cm) wide & 2" (5cm) deep.

Available in multi packs:
Pack of 6.
Pack of 15.


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How the "AQUAvalve" works:
The valve draws the water, including any liquid feed which has been added, from the water tank and into the base tray to water your plants.
The "AQUAvalve" allows the water to fully drain away before refilling the base tray which, unlike conventional systems, are often designed to maintain a constant level of water and can result in your plant roots sitting in water, causing them to rot..
With the "AQUAvalve", your plants will only receive the water they need preventing over or under watering.

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