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Plant Support Frames

Some plant support frames not only provide a practical support for climbing plants, they can also create a focal point within your garden and in the winter months add some structure to your garden. Examples of these decorative supports are our range of Garden Arches available in wood or metal to suit differently styled gardens.

A Wigwam is one of the simplest plant support frames and is quick, easy and economical to create. Use your garden canes with either an Eight Cane Teepee Topper or our Cane Supports to create sturdy frames for climbing plants from runner beans through to sweet peas. Where necessary, use our Jute Twine to tie in their shoots.

Training climbers and shrubs to grow up fences or walls is a great way of making the best use of the space available - as well as helping to disguise the boundaries of your garden. To do this you will need to provide your plants with a trellis to cling to which you can make using Gripple Wire and Tensioners. Using the Gripple System you can create a permanent trellis or a summer trellis which you could remove in the autumn and reuse the following year.