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Planters are ideal for greening areas where there is no open soil - balconies, patios or roof gardens. So if you've only got a small outdoor space available you can easily add colour and scent using planters.
Choosing the correct size of planter to suit what is going to be grown within is important for healthy plant growth. When growing annuals, perennials, small or large shrubs, usually the larger the planter the better. A large planter means a greater amount of compost, so protecting your plants from extremes of moisture and temperature.
When placing planters in your garden, remember that when planted up they will weigh heavy, so spend a little time at the start making sure you've chosen the correct position for the planter. When growing climbers, either select a planter that is fitted with an obelisk or place the planter against a wall of fence where you will be able to put a trellis for the plants to cling to.