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Potting Up Tools

Having the correct potting up tools will speed up the time consuming processes of sowing seeds, taking cuttings, pricking out and potting on. When you are only sowing a few seeds then you can get away with needing only a few essential tools but when you're growing a large number of plants it's best to invest in a range of potting up equipment to make the task easier and successful.

Potting Up Tools include such items as:
Plant Labels - these become essential when sowing a wide range of seeds as it's easy to forget what you've sown when the seeds are covered with compost.
Sieve - by simply removing any lumps or fibres from your compost before you sow means that roots won't be restricted within the compost and also lets you evenly cover the seeds with a fine, even layer of compost.
Dibber and Widger - these simple tools are designed to reduce the amount of handling of young seedlings, reducing the possibility of damage as you prick out and pot up.
Tampers - also known as 'presser boards', tampers are used to gently press down the compost prior to sowing, providing a level surface on which to sow seeds.