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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Thermo-King Composter

Please note : despatched direct from the manufacturers please allow 5-7 days for delivery.
Available in thre sizes, the Thermo King Composter is ideal for any size garden and thanks to its design and features, it is very easy to set up and get started. No tools are required when building the composter - the composter sides have an 'easy-lock-system' which means the sides simply interlock together. 

Each composter has two large, hinged access panels making it easy to fill and a large removable panel at the bottom to access the compost which has been made. You can add a wide range of garden and kitchen waste to the composter, including fruit and vegetable matter, coffee and tea grounds, crushed eggshells, potted plants, cut flowers, used potting soil, lawn cuttings, leaves etc. 
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Features of the Thermo King Composter include:

Made Using Thermolen – this is an innovative, quality material, developed specifically for use in composters. This material is ‘foamed’ making it highly insulating. By using this material to create the walls of the compost bin it helps to retain the heat generated by the composting process, which in turn accelerates the composting process. Thermolen is sustainably manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP).  
Aeration System - this compost bin features an optimized ventilation system for maintaining the ideal temperature. 
Easy to fill – two large filler flaps form the top of the compost bin. These hinged lids can be opened singly or together and enable you to add garden or kitchen waste quickly and easily.  A clip on each side secures the flaps helping to prevent them opening during windy conditions. 

Easy and convenient to remove finished compost – with large, full width flaps at the base of two sides allowing you to access the compost when it’s ready to withdraw and use in your garden.  

Siting Your Compost Bin - to work effectively the Thermo-King needs to be sited on a flat surface, in contact with the ground - ideally loosen the soil where the compost bin is to fit before putting it in place. This allows microorganisms to access your composter. YOU SHOULD NOT put the composter on asphalt, stone, or concrete surfaces, on patios or decking. Ideally it should be in a sunny or partly shaded position in your garden, protected from any excessive winds.

Available in three sizes
400 litre - 33inch (84cm) high, 29inch (74cm) wide, 29inch (74cm) deep.
600 litre - 41inch (104cm) high, 31½inch (80cm) wide, 31½inch (80cm) deep.
900 litre - 39½inch (100cm) high, 39½inch (100cm) wide, 39½inch (100cm) deep.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, resistant to UV and weathering for durability. 
PLEASE NOTE: This Thermo-King Composter can be used on its own or for an even more secure and efficient composter purchase the Thermo-King complete with Soil Fence.
Soil Fence
This simple, black floor grid is made from hard wearing, recycled plastic. Providing a flat surface onto which to stand your compost bin, its’ clever design allows microorganisms access to your composter whilst making it more difficult for rodents to gain access (it should be noted that as this soil fence is plastic it can be chewed through).
Supplied for simple self-assembly, no tools required. The side panels feature the ‘easy-lock-system‘ that means the four side panels simply clip together to make a secure connection and robust finished structure.

The Recipe For Successful Compost
To produce good compost you should use a mix of wet and dry, course and fine materials. The better the waste is mixed, the easier and better it rots. You shouldn't fill the composter in one go. Instead, fill it slowly, adding waste daily. And you shouldn't use your compost bin as a 'rubbish heap'. Think about what you are going to add to the bin and you will then be successful in creating your own compost.

Here are a few tips when adding these common garden and kitchen waste materials: 
Lawn Cuttings - fresh lawn cuttings contain a lot of water. Too thick a layer of lawn cuttings and the compost will stick together, sealing the compost so air can't enter. If this happens, rotting will occur and cause a bad smell. To avoid this let the cuttings dry before adding them to the compost bin. Only add small amounts of cuttings at a time or mix the cuttings with other composting materials such as dry leaves or prunings before adding to the compost bin.
Leaves - ideally these should be crushed or finely chopped before adding to the composter. Adding dry leaves to the composter is great as you can use them to intermingle with wetter waste, such as kitchen waste. 
Prunings - chop these up as you add them to the compost bin. Adding chopped wood to the composter as a thin layer is good as it helps to aerate and ventilate the compost. 
Citrus Peel and Banana Skins - can be added to the compost bin but because they rot more slowly it's best to cut them into small pieces as you add them. 

Learn more
Click here to see instructions for installing this Thermo-king Composter.