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Special Offer Electric Blanket with Cover and Mat

Create a large, professional propagation area in your greenhouse, with this complete Electric Blanket, Cover and Mat Set designed to create a healthy atmosphere for successful plant propagation.
This propagation kit provides you with complete, accurate control over the temperature and enables you to create a humid atmosphere for young plants to grow in.
SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy one of these sets and you will make a saving against purchasing the items individually. 
Save £12.23
Original price £357.23
Current price £345.00
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The Electric Blanket has been designed for maximum versatility. It can be used on top of existing greenhouses benches or even on the greenhouse floor. For easy storage after use, the blanket can be simply rolled up.
To produce a very even base heat the electric blanket is made from a ‘heat wire’ encased in aluminium foil.
For accurate temperature control the blanket has a Root!t Thermostat connected to it. With a temperature range of 10-30ºC (50-86 ºF ) you can set the thermostat to the temperature you wish to achieve and place the temperature sensor (on the end of a 75 inch flexible lead) within the compost where your plants are growing for accurate control.
Efficient heat distribution is achieved with the polystyrene pads supplied which direct all the upwards.

The Capillary Mat:
Supplied as a pre cut length of matting, simply lay this on top of the black polythene on the electric blanket and keep the matting damp as you propagate your plants.

The Cover:
A sturdy aluminium frame with clear, double-skinned polycarbonate glazing ,completely cover the electric blanket to retain heat and moisture.
The cover is 16 inches high (41cm) in the centre, with 12 inches high vertical sides, providing ample space when overwintering larger plants.

Available in two sizes:
5ft 8 inches Long x 20 inches Wide (130 watt) Electric Blanket
7ft 6 inches Long x 20 inches Wide (180 watt) Electric Blanket
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