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Potato Patio Planters

Potato Patio Planters from Haxnicks makes it possible for everyone, whether you’ve a garden or not, to grow crops of delicious home grown potatoes. Place on your patio, pathway or balcony to grow potatoes within easy reach. To ensure you succeed, even if it’s the first time you’ve grown your own, the planters come complete with detailed growing instructions. 
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Tough, long lasting planters made from durable, woven polyethylene.

 Large enough to hold between three to five seed potatoes per planter.

 For healthy growth reinforced drainage holes are in both the sides and base of the planter

 Really easy harvesting - and no digging - simple remove a few potatoes at a time or use the strong handles to tip the planter out and remove all the potatoes at once.

 Use every year, just rinse clean and fold flat between seasons for easy storage. 
 Supplied as a pack of three.

 Size 14" x 18" high (35cm x 45cm). 
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Did You Know?

You can keep stored potatoes fresh longer by putting some ginger root with them.

Peeled potatoes will stay white if you place them in cold water with a few drops of vinegar in it and keep in the refrigerator.

Bake potatoes faster by oiling the potato skin rather than wrapping them in foil.

For the best mashed potatoes grow Russets. 

For light and creamy mash potatoes add a teaspoon of baking powder when mashing - adding hot buttermilk and some of the water they’ve cooked in will make the best mashed potatoes.