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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden Deluxe Propagation Kit

Despatched direct from the manufacturers please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
The Harvst H-Mini Countertop Garden is a neat, modern and attractive addition to your home which will help you grow fresh herbs, microgreens and salad leaves all year around! It achieves this by combining a sturdy, height adjustable structure with powerful LED grow lights and a watering tray so you create your own propagation area within your home. 

With this Deluxe Propagation Kit you also receive an extra growing level with its own grow light and water tray for double density growing.  To get you started on your propagation journey you also receive a 12-pod hydroponics bundle with coir jiffy pellets together with a microgreens kit that includes a selection of microgreens seeds with coco and coir compost.   

So that’s everything you need to get started growing your own without the need for a garden!

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With each H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden Deluxe Kit you will receive:

H-Mini Countertop Indoor Garden
Supplied fully assembled so you can get growing straight away! This Indoor Garden consists of:
Strong wooden frame – with either a grey or white colourway to select from. It is approx. 16½in x 11in / 42cm x 28cm, with the height adjustable between 9½in to 17½in (24cm to 44cm).
24 watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – powerful yet dimmable, this light provides your plants with the perfect light for excellent, healthy growth. It is supplied pre-programmed to turn on at 8am and stay on for 14 hours per day (you can change the on time and run time by logging on to the devices WiFi control panel.
Watertight tray – to hold your seed trays or pots.
This H-Mini can be used on its own or you can double the growing space by easily adding in the Extra Growing Level.

H-Mini Extra Growing Level
Make the most of your space with this extra shelf which fits easily and securely into the H-Mini when it is opened to its full height. With this you will receive:
Tray support
Watertight Tray
LED Grow Light plus extension cable.

12-Pod Hydroponics Bundle
The aim with this bundle is to supply you with everything ready to grow your own salads, leafy greens and herbs – all you need to do is add the seeds! You will receive:
Watertight tray
Reusable net cup tray – with 12 pre-shaped spaces for the net cups
12 reusable black net cups – large enough to hold the jiffy pellets below
33 Coir Jiffy Pellets – just add water to rehydrate
300ml Formulex Nutrient Solution – use just 5ml per litre of water
It is recommended this kit is used in the bottom level of the H-Mini so you avoid any water being spilled.

Microgreens Kit
This pack contains everything you need – including a selection of seeds – to grow healthy, nutritious microgreens in just 7 days! You will receive:
5 reusable Half Seed Trays – 2 trays should fit into the water tray supplied with the H-Mini
15 litres of Coco & Coir Compost – soak before using to fill the trays, you only need a small amount to fill the trays so your 15 litre block will last a long time. 
Selection of Microgreens Seeds
Made in Britain. 
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Despatched Direct From The Manufacturer :
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.