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Gardena Roto Sprinkler Pack of 2

These mini Gardena 360º Roto Sprinklers are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots. 
The flow rate of the Sprinklers is set at 85 litres per hour.

Provides a fine spray over a circular area of between approx. 5ft (1.5m) up to 11'6" (3.5m). 

To control the length of the area covered insert a Control Valve (available to purchase separately) into which the Sprinkler can be screwed.

Can be used by either:
Inserting directly into the wall of ½ inch (13mm) Supply Tube.
Fitting onto a ½ inch (13mm) Joint or Tube & Nozzle Peg.
Or to lift the Sprinkler higher use on top of a 9" (23cm) Pipe Extension (all these items are available to purchase separately). 

Gardena product code: 1369-20.

Supplied as a pack of 2. 
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