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Capillary Mat for Electric Blanket

Easily create a humid atmosphere when propagating plants and cuttings using a Professional Electric Blanket by using a pre cut length of Capillary Matting. 
Supplied cut to fit your Professional Electric Blanket.
 To use simply lay on top of the black polythene which rests on the top of the Electric blanket.
 Use the matting either way up; its' dark side is useful for hiding unsightly soil spillage & also discourages algae growth, its' white side will reflect more light which can be beneficial when growing light sensitive plants.
 Enabling easy watering, ensure the matting is damp all over when you first lay it over the blanket. Keeping it damp as you use the blanket will provide a humid atmosphere.
20" (51cm) wide,
Two are lengths available - 
5'8" (173cm) Long,
7'6" (229cm) Long,
Select the correct size to suit your blanket.
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Click Here to see the instructions for using the Matting.