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Self Watering Planters

Self Watering Planters make it possible for anyone to successfully raise their own crops - chillies, peppers, aubergines, salad leaves etc - by ensuring they are kept constantly and correctly watered, one of the main factors which can affect crop production. We have a range of Self Watering Planters available, simply select the one best suited to the crop you wish to grow.

The Chilligrow Planter has been designed in consultation with chilli growing experts and makes it possible for anyone to successfully grow their own range of chillies without any fuss. Unlike normal pots or trays, the Chilligrow makes it possible for the plants to control the amount of water they receive - this is important as for a successful chilli harvest the plants shouldn't be allowed to run out of water, or their roots stood in water.

The Quadgrow Planter has been designed to provide both experienced gardeners and those new to gardening with a 'Can't Grow Wrong' Planter that will keep plants perfectly watered at all times, so they produce bigger harvests with less effort.

The Windowgrow Planter is ideal for those small, kitchen crops which can be harvested as they are needed - such as chillies, herbs, salads and micro greens. You water into a reservoir and the plants take up the water they need when they need it - so avoiding over or under watering.

A Self Watering Planter ideally suited to growing crops in polytunnels or greenhouses is the Easy2Grow Kit. This planter will keep greedy plants - such as tomatoes, peppers etc - well watered and fed for at least two weeks without any attention - all you need to do is keep the 47 litre water tank topped up with water.