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Colander Trug

This Colander Trug is a must have for every kitchen or allotment gardener. It's specially designed to enable you to easily collect, easily carry and easily clean any fruit or vegetables from your garden. This generously sized trug has a strong durable handle for easy carrying and the base of the trug features drainage holes - so you can simply place the trug with its collected fruit or veg, under a tap and wash it clean with the water draining away through the base holes.
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Durable plastic - makes this trug sturdy, long lasting and easy to clean

Generous size - 22" long x 12" wide x 4ľ" high (56cm x 31cm x 12cm) means you can collect and carry a large quantity of fruit or veg.
Easy cleaning - of fruit and veg is easily achieved as the trug has drainage holes in the base. So simply wash the contents of the trug under a tap indoors, or using a hosepipe outdoors, then let the dirty water drain away through the holes. So you now have clean crops with no fuss, no mess and no spillage.