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Slug and Snail Traps (1x Triple Pack)

There's nothing more disheartening to a gardener than seeing all their hard work disappear overnight to our most common pests. With this in mind, these Slug & Snail Traps will help rid your garden without the use of pellets or harmful chemicals.
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Easy to install and maintain. 

The inner and outer pots are buried in the soil around the area that needs protection - so only the attractive green dome, which blends into any garden bed or border, is visible.

Easily baited using beer, a sugared water solution or lettuce. No other attractants or chemicals are needed.

When necessary, remove the inner pot and dome, empty, rinse out and re-bait ready for the next unwelcome raid.


Black inner pot approx. 3½in / 9cm high x 3½in / 9cm diameter.

Overall height including domed lid 7in / 18cm 
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Bury the black pot into the ground.
Place the dome wheel on the rim of the green pot.
Place the green pot inside the black pot.
Fill the trap with bait to approximately 5cm (2") (We recommend either beer or sugar water).
Finally fit the top dome onto the spike to keep the rain out.
Reset the trap by simply removing the green pot and emptying, top up the bait liquid if required and replace the top dome,