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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Floor Standing Ergrownomics - One Planter Set

These 'Ergrownomics' planters allow anyone to grow their own Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits even if you have no traditional garden space available. They can be used almost anywhere - on a patio or balcony, in a greenhouse or lean-to, in-fact anywhere where you may have some free space. Being specifically designed for  raising edible crops they are the perfect depth, have an integrated support system and also a handy 'connect and go' irrigation system.
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What's in the box?

The Container: 1x Planter.
At the core of the growing-system is the Ergrownomics container - designed to revolutionise what's possible from a small space!"
With a market-leading depth, it's ready for whatever root crops you can throw at it, while the internal cylinders holding the unique plant training system make dividing space into rows or quadrants simple!  The Containers are built to last, they are rotationally moulded within the UK - then hand-finished - to increase durability and keep carbon emissions to an absolute minimum. What's more, they're made entirely from MDPE, perhaps the easiest to recycle of all plastics, and designed to last 40 years (minimum) outdoors, without fading or breaking.
External Measurements: 15.5" (395mm) Deep - The top is 22.75" (578mm) wide x 26.5" (673mm) Long, tapering at its base to 17.25" (438mm) x 20.25" (515mm).
It's holding capacity is: 125 Litres. 

Irrigation: 1x Drip line assembly.
"Designed in conjunction with soil scientists, a natural cycle of watering was the aim, that’s why the irrigation system is modelled on the natural water cycle, with infiltration from the soil surface."
The drip-irrigation system creates an optimum water-pattern with no dry-spots, ensuring your crops get water delivered to them at least 60% more efficiently than other methods! Just connect a hose to the supplied kit turn on for 15 minutes every day-or-so, or connect to an automatic timer-unit for hands-free operations!

Drainage: 1x filter set.
"Good drainage is an essential function of any container system, and can make or break your efforts to grow at home!"
As with any kind of growing, your soil profile needs to be aerated properly and never waterlogged. Poor drainage means poor crops, it's as simple as that. Unfortunately, with many of the raised planters on the market, drainage often appearance an afterthought, but luckily - the Ergrownomics planter was designed with this in mind! the inbuilt sump and supplied filter Bag (just add gravel) plus filter membrane will avoid any waterlogging.

Plant Training: 1x Sample plant training kit
The patented training-system is the real party-piece!" 
Training your plants allows you to fully realise the potential of container growing, and far more productively than conventional wisdom would have you believe.  Dividing the planting area into rows helps maximise yields and avoids damage when cropping.

Floor Chocks: 2x recycled plastic chocks to lift the planter off the ground to avoid water logging.

Custom planting tool:
Doubles as a perfect seed-drill, and tamper to even out the soil surface.