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Fab4 Propagator

Based on the bestselling Windowsill Propagator, this unique Fab4 electric propagator has an inbuilt heating element designed to give you an 8*c lift above the ambient. The Fab4 propagator is a compact 15½" x 9½" and comes complete with four quarter seed trays and covers. This propagator has been designed to enable you to raise a variety of plants from seed or cuttings in a very small space.

Designed to generate a permanent heat which will increase the compost temperature by 8*C compared to the ambient (room) temperature.

Heated base 15˝" x 9˝" (40cm x 24cm).

Power consumption only 10 watts, 4' mains lead.

Supplied complete with four 2" (5cm) deep seed trays and four 2ľ" (7cm) high ventilated clear acrylic covers.

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