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Electric Propagators

An Electric Propagator is a must for gardeners wishing to raise their own plants from seeds or cuttings. A propagator makes it easy for you to provide a warm, damp atmosphere in which your seeds and cuttings will thrive, ensuring a greater rate of germination. We stock a wide range of electric propagators so choose the one best suited to your needs.

If you're raising your plants indoors - without a greenhouse - then choose a propagator that will provide you with a neat place to plant your seeds or cuttings. The area where you're placing your propagator needs to be well lit - ideal for use indoors is our Windowsill Propagator which is shaped to fit onto a windowsill where it will receive plenty of light. If you need a larger area in which to plant your seeds then one of our larger propagators placed in a spare room could be ideal - just remember that a propagator will give a lift of 11-14 degrees C above the ambient temperature, so you may need the propagator to be in a heated area for it to achieve the temperature required for your seeds to germinate.