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This Deluxe Model includes:

EarlyGrow Propagator
A sturdy, watertight, green base tray approx. 23in / 58cm long x 15in / 38cm wide x 3½in / 9cm high.  Forming a cover over this tray is crystal clear, rigid acrylic lid which increases the overall height of the propagator to 9½in / 24cm. This cover is constructed from four side panels joined in the corners with plastic thumb nuts and screws. In two of the panels are adjustable air vents. Resting on top of these sides is a clear lid, which also includes two adjustable air vents.     

Extender Set
To increase the height of the propagator by a further 4in / 10cm this set provides the panels to create an extension to the cover described above. It also includes adjustable air vents in two of the panels.  

Root!t Heat Mat & Insulation Kit
Placed below the green watertight tray of the propagator, this heat mat will enable you to raise the temperature within the propagator by 10-15 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature. It will provide a uniform, gentle heat across the whole of the propagator base.

Cosmorrow LED Grow Lights
Providing a blue spectrum of light ideal for propagation, you will receive two 20 watt lights with power pack and suckers to enable you to securely fix them to the lid of the propagator.

Digital Day & Night Thermostat with Timer
This will enable you to control both the heat and lights. It lets you set separate temperatures for the daytime and night time – it’s recommended that a lower temperature is set for the night time during the plants ‘rest’ period when it is dark. In addition you can set two timed periods to control when the lights are on and off.