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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Tumbleweed Tumbling Compost Bin

Despatched direct from the UK stockists in 5-7 days.
This Tumbleweed Tumbling Compost Bin is an above ground, free standing tumbling compost bin that has been designed to make composting your organic waste easy, with minimum effort.

All you need to do is add organic waste to the bin and then ‘tumble’ or turn the bin on a regular basis. This tumbling action distributes air and moisture throughout the contents which speeds up the composting process. This is also helped by the stainless steel breaker bar which goes through the centre of the bin, assisting in mixing up the contents. By tumbling the contents of the bin you will not need to stir the organic waste with a garden fork or aerator reducing the effort required.

For years of use the bin is made from sturdy UV protected plastic and has a powder coated support frame.  

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Dimensions :
Depth 2ft 9½in / 85cm 
Width 2ft 1½in / 65cm 
Height 3ft 10in / 117cm.
Capacity 220 litres
Weight 10kg.

Ideal For All Locations – perfect for small gardens and courtyards, this compost tumbler can even be stood on concreate or pavers.

Minimum Effort Required – you should turn the composter every time you add new waste and when you aren’t adding waste on a daily basis, you should be turning the bin a couple of times every two days. It is this turning of the compost bin that aerates the waste and encourages the micro-organisms to work efficiently. Tumbling the bin is easy – simply stand at the side and place one hand at each end of the tumbler. Tumble by pushing down on one hand and lifting with the other.

Speedy Composting – the benefit of using this tumbling composter is that your organic waste will be turned into a useable compost faster than a standard compost bin. The waste you add will take between four to six weeks to convert into compost. Remembering that you are adding waste all the time so you will need to pick a point to stop and then continue turning for four to six weeks before emptying the compost bin ready to start again.

Vermin Proof – due to the compost bin being lifted off the ground by it’s metal stand and the fact that the body of the bin completely encases your organic waste, this composter is vermin proof, unlike a traditional compost bin which can attract vermin interested in eating the waste being added.  

What To Compost – when adding garden and kitchen waste to your compost tumbler you should aim for a 50 / 50 mix of ‘green’ and ‘brown’ waste. ‘Green’ waste includes green leaves, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, cut flowers, cow, horse, pig or chicken manures, lucerne hay etc. ‘Brown’ waste includes brown leaves, dead grass, dead weeds, paper, cardboard, mulch, sawdust, hay or straw etc.  

Self-Assembly :
Supplied for simple self assembly, you will need a Phillips head screw driver and spanner to put this together.

Developed and designed in Australia.

Despatched Direct From The UK Stockists :
Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.
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