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Partition For Elite Greenhouse

Fit a partition within your Elite greenhouse and it enables you to create different environments, this is especially suitable if you want to keep one area of your greenhouse warmer, say for germinating seeds and propagating cuttings, and the other area of the greenhouse could be kept just frost free. So, by fitting a partition within your greenhouse, it makes it cheaper for you to keep one area warm enough for propagation than if you had to heat the whole greenhouse.

Select the partition to suit the type of greenhouse you have.

Select the same type of glazing as your greenhouse.

Select the same colour for the finish to the frame as for your greenhouse.

NB. - It should be noted that a partition should ideally be fitted at the same time as building your greenhouse, we do not recommend trying to fit a partition retrospectively unless all glazing is removed prior to alterations.

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Please Note:
All these partitions are only suitable for Elite greenhouses and should be purchased at the same time as your greenhouse.