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Micro Grow Light Garden Pack 4 Spare Covers

This set of four Spare Covers for the Micro Grow Light Garden provide you with more flexibility when propagating. Used with the corresponding trays (available to purchase separately) you can have seedlings within the Grow Light Garden Propagator and once they are strong enough can be moved out, use another set of four trays and covers to start off even more new seedlings.

Although designed for use with the Micro Grow Light Garden, these covers can be used with matching trays to create compact unheated propagators.

Made from ultra-clear plastic - these covers are slightly flexible making them difficult to damage, so you?ll get years of use from them.

Adjustable Air Vent - in the top of the cover lets you allow air to seedlings to prevent damping off.

Size - 6ľ" x 4", height 2ľ" (17cm x 10cm x 7cm).

Supplied as a pack of four covers.