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Greenhouse Glazing Strip

Suitable for use in most makes of aluminium greenhouses this high density foam Glazing Strip is used to form a cushion between the greenhouse framework and glass.
A black 8mm wide x 5mm thick high density foam glazing Strip with sticky back for ease of application.

Apply the sticky side of the strip to the frame of the greenhouse, bedding the glass onto this soft foam strip, then hold the glazing in place using 'W' Clips or Band Clips (available to purchase separately).

Available in packs of -
72 metre (236 ft),
144 metre (472 ft),
or 212 metre (708 ft) pack.

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Top Tip

To completely reglaze an average greenhouse it takes approximately:

190’ for a 6’ x 8’ greenhouse

220’ for a 6’ x 10’ greenhouse

250’ for a 6’ x 12’ greenhouse

260’ for a 8’ x 8’ greenhouse

300’ for a 8’ x 10’ greenhouse

340’ for a 8’ x 12’ greenhouse.