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Gilt Dial Barometer

This Barometer features an attractive gilt bezel and clear, easy to read printed scale and black pointer. 

By showing the changes in air pressure it will help you to predict the changing weather day to day – with low pressure changes indicating rain and thunderstorms and high pressure typically indicating clear, warm sunny days. 

With this information to hand you’ll be able to plan your gardening activities, including the need to water or not based on whether rain is expected. 

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Barometer range – 940 to 1060 hPa / 72 to 80 mm/Hg over 360 degrees
hPa is the abbreviation for ‘Hectopascals’ or hundreds of Pascals. 1 hectopascal (hPa) = 100 Pascals (Pa). hPa’s are used to measure the air pressures which naturally occur, with the air pressure on the Earths surface ranging from approx. 980 to 1030 hPa. Therefore this barometer has a range of 940 to 1060 hPA.   

Accuracy - + / - 8 hPa

Size – approx. 4½ inch / 11.5cm diameter x 1½ inch / 3.5cm deep.    
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Click here for operating instructions for this barometer.