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Elite Belmont Package Deal

Please Note: Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery on plain frame models and 8-10 for painted models.

Purchase one of these Elite Belmont Package Deal Greenhouses and you will receive one of Elites most popular greenhouses, the Belmont PLUS all the essential accessories you need to get the most from your greenhouse. At the same time they also offer you great value for money with the package price being lower than the combined selling prices of the individual components.

The essential accessories we include with your greenhouse are: one Elite automatic roof vent opener, one five bladed louvre plus automatic louvre opener, Elite Diamond staging and shelving to run down one side of the greenhouse, a rainwater collection kit to two outlets and a pack of six Grow Hooks. We also upgrade the door from a single to a double sliding door.

Frame Finish – you can select to have a standard, plain aluminium frame or to have a powder coated, selecting one of the ten colours available – berry, black, brown, graphite, green, mocha, navy, olive, stone or white.

Simply select painted and indicate the colour required in the specification box.

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The Elite Belmont Package Deal Greenhouses are available in:

Six Lengths - 6'5" / 1971mm, 8'5" / 2589mm, 10'5" / 3205mm, 12'6" / 3823mm, 14'6" /4441mm and 16'6" / 4441mm. 

Two Types Of Glazing - choose from either 3mm thick horticultural glass with overlapping panes or toughened safety glass which is supplied primarily in full length sheets.

Each Greenhouse Includes:

An Integral Base
with dropped doors - manufactured from sturdy, maintenance free aluminium. 

Double Doors - access is via the 2'11" (890mm) wide & 6'3" (1910mm) high double sliding doors. For easy access the doors are dropped into the aluminium base providing a ground level threshold.

Roof Vents - for good ventilation the greenhouse comes complete with 2ft sq (610 x 610mm) opening roof vents. 
6'5" long greenhouse - includes one roof vent 
8'5", 10'5", 12'6" long greenhouses - include two roof vents 
14'6" long greenhouse - includes three roof vents 
16'6" long greenhouse - includes four roof vents 

One Automatic Roof Vent Opener - this Elite model will open the roof vent to 18" / 46cm allowing maximum ventilation. No drilling is required to fix this sturdy opener. 

One Five Bladed Louvre with toughened glass - this enhances ventilation in the greenhouse by helping to increase air circulation. 

One Automatic Louvre Opener - this will automatically open & close the Louvre Window as the temperature changes. 

Diamond Shelving - made from extruded aluminium you will receive sufficient to fit down one side of the greenhouse. It will come with the same finish as the greenhouse. It is two slats wide, 7" / 19cm wide, 8" / 22cm from the glass. 

Diamond Staging - made from extruded aluminium and with the same finish as the greenhouse, you receive sufficient to fit down one side of the greenhouse. The staging is seven slats wide, 26" / 66cm, 27" / 69cm from the glass. It fits to the greenhouse using cantilever bracing and can be fixed at a height to suit you.

Pack 6 Grow Hooks - easily secured to the roof of the greenhouse they can be used to hold electric cables out of the way or attach string to them to support plants as they grow, e.g. tomatoes.

Integral Aluminium Gutters - run the length of both sides of the greenhouse, providing a means of collecting rainwater when used with the Collection Kits below.

Rainwater Collection Kit To Two Outlets - includes pipe work & outlets for one end of each gutter and stoppers to terminate the opposite ends. This allows you to direct water into a barrel or other designated outlet. 
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Please Note: Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery on plain frame models and 8-10 for painted models.

Please Note:
The dimensions provided for greenhouses are 'nominal'. A nominal size is used for identification purposes only and will not match the exact dimensions of the product. We can supply you with exact dimensions which will allow you to prepare a base in advance if you need to.
These greenhouses are supplied direct from the manufacturers. Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no arrangements for installation involving third party contractors are made until you are in receipt of your goods and have checked that they are satisfactory.

Help The Driver -
Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. When placing an order, please consider the following questions and contact us when placing your order with any details:
Is your address hard to find? If so, please give landmarks near the property, e.g. across the road from the pub, near the school etc.
Are there any low bridges, narrow roads or any restrictions you can think of in gaining access to the property? 
Can we get there with our vehicle? - a 15 ton lorry, 30’ long, 11’4" high, 8’6" wide (similar to the size of a removal van).

For foundation and base recommendations from the manufacturers Elite Click Here

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