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Base for Elite Windsor Lean To Greenhouse

Easily fit your Elite Windsor Lean-To directly to this sturdy, aluminium, factory made Windsor Base. The aluminium base creates a solid, level perimeter (3 sides) for you to site your Elite Windsor lean-to on allowing you to cope with slighty uneven or soft sites. 
An Elite Windsor Lean-To requires a base of some type - aluminium, timber or brick - to allow the door to slide in the overhanging bottom track.

This factory made aluminium base is the quickest & easiest way to provide a solid, even perimeter base to site you lean-to on.

Available in plain aluminium or with a powder coated finish - white, green, brown or graphite.

5" (125mm) high the base bolts directly to the bottom of the lean-to.

To secure to a level surface the base is supplied with four corner brackets. These can be sunk directly into the ground or cut into smaller brackets & used around the base to secure to concrete slabs, paving slabs etc.

Supplied complete with comprehensive instructions.

Please note: ONLY suitable for use with an Elite Windsor Lean-To. Make sure you select the correct length to suit your chosen lean-to.

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