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EarlyGrow Propagator

Designed for use in the germination of seeds and the protection of young seedlings this EarlyGrow Propagator optimizes the conditions required for successful germination and early growth.

Allowing you to create the prefect propagator for your requirements, the EarlyGrow is available heated or unheated, with a thermostat or without, with or without grow lights. So no matter what type of seeds you wish to germinate you should be able to provide the correct temperature, light and humidity to succeed and produce healthy, sturdy young seedlings. 

The Propagator
The basic model is 23in / 58cm long x 15 in / 38cm wide x 9½in / 24cm high. The green, sturdy base is watertight whilst the clear, rigid acrylic cover lets in maximum light. For easy control of humidity adjustable air vents are positioned on the top and end panels of the cover.    

Add Lights
To promote the growth of short, strong seedlings or if the propagator is to be used in an area with poor natural light then we recommend selecting a model with lights. The lights supplied are the Cosmorrow LED Gro Lights which provide a blue spectrum of light ideal for propagation. You will receive two 20 watt lights with power pack and suckers to enable you to easily and securely fix them to the propagator lid.

Add Heat
Raise the temperature withing the propagator by 10-15 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature by choosing a Heated model. Included with these is a Root!t Heat Mat and Insulation Kit which will provide a gentle, uniform base heat across the whole of the propagator base.  

Add Temperature Control
For greater control over the growing environment within a Heated EarlyGrow Propagator select a model with a thermostat. The Root!t Thermostat will monitor the temperature within your propagator and will switch the heat mat on and off as required, based on the temperature you set.