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Aluminium Gravel Trays for Jumbo Propagator

Use these two Aluminium Gravel Trays with the jumbo propagator to hold your plants and seedlings whilst propagating your seeds.
The addition of these trays will be an aid to watering as well as prolonging the life of the Jumbo Propagator Heating mat as it stops you potentially damaging it with pots and trays.
These specially designed, rot and rust free aluminium trays will allow you to add matting or even gravel to the propagator to help maintain moisture levels. 
The tray is not sealed at the corners to allow water drainage to prevent 'water logging' , but if you wish to make them watertight simply apply silicone sealant in the corners of the trays.

Each tray measures: 19" x 23.5" x 7/8" deep (500mm x 597mm x 22mm)

Made from: 19g (1mm) thick Aluminium. 
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