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Special Offer Propagation Starter Set

Get everything you need - except the compost - to start growing your own plants from seed. This Special Offer Propagation Starter Set combines our best selling Window Sill Propagator with a selection of propagation equipment designed to make growing your own plants easy and efficient.
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This Special Offer Propagation Starter Set includes: 
Window Sill Propagator.
A compact propagator designed to fit onto a window sill. It will generate a permanent heat which will increase the compost temperature by 8*C compared to the ambient temperature.
30" x 7Ľ" (76cm x 18cm) electrically heated base complete with seven 2" (5cm) deep quarter seed trays and 2ľ" (7cm) high ventilated clear acrylic covers.
Power consumption 15 watts, 3' (90cm) mains lead.
Pack 50 Polythene Pots, 3" diameter.
Supplied flat for easy storage, these 200 gauge recycled polythene pots are 3" diameter x 3˝" deep when filled with compost, the perfect size for potting into from seed trays or for planting plug plants. With holes in the base for easy drainage, these pots will fit flush to a flat surface - making them suitable for use on water matting or capillary matting. 
Pack 50 White Plastic Labels.
These strong, rigid, 5" x ˝" (13cm x 12mm) labels will enable you to clearly identify your plants once transferred into pots. 
Permanent Marker Pen 
The ultra fine point of the permanent marker lets you clearly write on plastic labels as well as other surfaces - aluminium, wood etc. 
Seed Sower
This practical gadget lets you evenly and quickly sow seeds of a range of sizes exactly where you want them. 
Dibber & Widger Set.
Useful tools for 'pricking-out' and 'potting-on', make the holes with the dibber and gently lift seedlings with the widger. 
Soil Thermometer.
This thermometer is pushed into the compost in seed trays or pots to check the temperature. The thermometer shows the temperature in both degrees centigrade and Fahrenheit and has a range of -30 to +50 *C (-20 to +120*F)