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Patio Planters

Choose an attractive patio planter and you'll be able to create a focal point within your garden - using planters full of flowers and / or vegetables. Patio Planters don't have to be restricted just to patios - you can also use them to create attractive displays on a balcony and they are perfect for roof gardens. Patio Planters tend to be portable - as long as they are not too heavy to move when full of compost. Portable planters mean you can start them off undercover - in a greenhouse or polytunnel - and take them outdoors when the plants get larger. Portable planters also allow you to move the planters during the season so that they can benefit from the best growing conditions - some plants flourish in full sunlight (for example tomatoes) whilst others prefer shade (such as lettuce).

Plants growing in planters rely on you to supply them with sufficient water as they are growing in a very limited amount of soil or compost - unlike plants grown in the ground which will have access to a greater area of moisture. However, you can make watering your planters simple and efficient by following a few simple guidelines.

When filling your patio planter with compost / soil always mix in some water absorbing crystals - such as Swell Gel - as these will soak up loads of water and slowly release it to the plants. We also recommend that you set up a simple drip irrigation kit to automatically supply your planters with water - depending on the size of the planter and the plants growing within it you will need about 3-4 drippers spaced around the planter to drip water directly onto the soil / compost. An irrigation system of this type will need to be attached to your mains water and can be controlled manually - by you turning your outside tap on and off - or automatically by fitting a water timer.