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Paraffin Heaters

Paraffin heaters are excellent for use in greenhouse heating systems, they protect your plants from the cold as well as producing CO2 as a byproduct which growing plants thrive on.

CO2 is a main plant food that all plants use to photosynthesise, making paraffin heaters very effective for using to heat your greenhouse in the winter, although they should never be used in domestic situations due to this CO2 production.

Paraffin heaters are designed for safe operation in greenhouses or polytunnels to provide a stable heat source that will also feed the plant with CO2.

Paraffin heaters are available in a range of styles and sizes, browse our range to find one that is suited to you.

Our paraffin heaters section also includes spare wicks for our complete range of heaters allowing you to maintain your paraffin heater for years to come.