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Shilton Propane Gas Heater

The Shilton range of greenhouse heaters have been warming greenhouses for more than 25 years and as a result have become a household name with gardeners.

These propane gas heaters come in three sizes, having outputs of 1.5kw, 3kw and 6kw and are perfectly capable of providing heat for a greenhouses from 60sq ft. in size right up to 350sq ft.
The heaters are initially lit with the simple push of a button, and being thermostatically controlled means the heater will automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature set by you, saving you gas and money! 
Capacity: Heat areas from 60sq ft up to 350sq.ft with a temperature range of between 6* & 32* celsius
1.5kw model - for greenhouses up to 60sq ft. - (heat up to 60sq ft, give frost protection up to 110sq ft.
3kw model - for greenhouses up to 260sq ft. - (heat up to 120sq ft, give frost protection up to 260sq ft
6kw model - for greenhouses up to 500sq ft. - (heat up to 350sq ft, give frost protection up to 500sq ft

Gas Consumption on full burn:
1.5kw Model - 0.12 kg/hr.
3kw Model - 0.24 kg/hr.
6kw Model - 0.48 kg/hr.

NB. - When down to pilot light only the gas consumption is just 0.016 kg/hr.

1.5kw model - Height: 540mm x Width: 360mm x Depth: 170mm.
3kw model - Height: 540mm x Width: 360mm x Depth: 170mm.
6kw model - Height: 560mm x Width: 510mm x Depth: 160mm.

Standard features -
Thermostatically controlled.
Push button ignition for easy lighting.
Flame failure device.
Powder coated for durability.
1 year manufacturer's warranty.

A suitable propane gas regulator, a length of gas hose and jubilee clips will all be required to complete and install - all available separately - see the 'Accessory Products' tab.
Please Note some orchid growers advise that propane gas heaters are not suitable when growing orchids as it has been known to cause bloom drop. 
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