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Hotbox Natural Gas Heater

These Hotbox greenhouse heaters are designed to run on Natural Gas, at mains pressure, 20mbr.
They are convector heaters, meaning that they work efficiently by collecting the coolest air, heating it and expelling it at speed (up to 300cfm on maximum setting).
They are designed to give a moderate increase in temperature to a large volume of air rather than a higher increase to small quantities.
Heaters Include push button, piezo ignition for easy lighting.

Automatic flame failure device.

Thermostatic control - with temperature range of 42*-100*F (6-38*C).

A sensor on a flexible lead lets you position it in the most temperature critical part of your greenhouse, away from cold draughts or direct sunlight. You can leave the sensor on the side of the heater or it can be moved up to 2’ (61cm) away from the heater.

The thermostat will operate in three steps:
When the thermostat sensor is satisfied that the temperature has been achieved the heater will burn on pilot jet only.
When the temperature falls to the thermostat setting - the main burner will burn on minimum setting giving approximately 50% full output, to maintain the selected temperature.
If the temperature falls below the thermostat setting - the main burner will burn on maximum, giving full output to raise the temperature.

Heater size approximately 14"" wide x 21"" high x 7"" deep (36cm x 53cm x 18cm).

Ideally position the heater in your greenhouse so that it gives good air circulation - across the greenhouse will produce the best results. On a slope, install the heater at the lower end, the cold air will want to fall to the lower end and allow the warm air to rise. The heater should be positioned a minimum of 6"" (15cm) from glass or wall of your greenhouse or combustible material.

This 2.5KW model - is suitable for greenhouses up to 10’ x 12’
(A larger 4kw unit is also available - HEGN4 - which is suitable for greenhouses up to 10' x 20')"

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Please Note:
Any natural gas heater should be installed by a professional fitter, preferably ‘Corgi’ registered.
No connection fittings are supplied, the engineer will supply these as part of the installation.
As these heaters are not flued outside they are only recommended for use in well ventilated greenhouses.