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Gazebos & Summerhouses

If you want to use your garden as an 'outdoor living space', an extension of your home, then a structure - whether temporary or permanent - installed in your garden will provide respite from both the sun and sudden showers alike. And a structure which is partially open allows you to still enjoy the outdoors, sun, sky and scenery alike. For this purpose there are a range of garden structures available to enable you to do this, including the following:

Arbours - these enable you to create a shady garden alcove with the sides and roof usually a framework through which climbing plants can be grown.

Gazebos - a small building within your garden that gives a wide view of the surrounding area, often having open sides and a solid roof. You'll find they protect you from gentle rain and often give you the option to fit curtains to the sides to diffuse the light.

Summerhouses - more substantial buildings that can create extra living or workspace within your garden.

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