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Gardena Switched Water Distributor

The new Water Distributor from Gardena lets you run up to six separate watering systems from a single mains inlet.
The unit is totally versatile, if you don’t need all six outlets a flick of a switch will deactivate any outlet individually.
The Water Distributor 1197-20 supplies water to one outlet at a time making it ideal where there is insufficient water pressure to operate all your watering systems simultaneously.

Complete with manufacturers 2 year warranty

Lets you run between 2 to 6 separate watering systems.

Each time the water flow is stopped / started the Distributor switches the water supply to the next outlet.

Operate manually by turning the water supply on and off.

For automatic control use with a Timer or Computer - for example, use the Water Distributor with the Deluxe Computer C1060 Plus to run 6 watering periods in one day, or use with the Flexi Timer to give three watering periods per day.

For ease of use the Gardena distributor has a base plate which you can fix to the ground or a wall.

Size: 11" long by 5" wide and 5" tall.(280mm x 126mm x 126mm)

Two year manufactures warranty.

Gardena product code: 1197-20

Operating Instructions
Click Here to download Gardena's useful free water planner.


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Click Here to download Gardena's useful free water planner.