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This Therma-Hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in a large digital display, whilst also recording both the maximum and minimum readings which you can displayed and reset as required.  It is ideal for measuring the conditions in your greenhouse, polytunnel, shed, garage, etc etc. It comes complete with an external remote probe so if you want to monitor the temperature and humidity outside simply use this probe and change the setting on the unit.
Temperature – simply press a button to show the temperature in either degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. The external temperature range is -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. The internal temperature range is 0 – 50 degrees Celsius. Accurate to 1 degree Celsius.
Max / Min Temperature – this therma-hygrometer automatically records both the maximum and minimum temperatures achieved  - a button on the front of the unit lets you display these readings and there is a separate button to clear the readings as required.
Humidity – shown in the lower section of the digital display it has a range of 10 to 99 %rh.  Accurate to +/- 5%rh 30%rH – 70%rH @25 degrees Celsius. This unit will automatically record the highest and lowest levels of humidity and allows you to display them as required. When you reset the button for the max/min temperatures this also resets the humidity readings.
Robust ABS Casing – measuring approx. 4” x 4½” x ¾”deep (100mm x 110mm x 20mm) it has a large digital display and incorporates a useful foldaway stand and keyhold slot for hanging on a wall.
External Remote Probe – measuring both temperature and humidity the sensor is on an integrated 9ft 10inch / 3m flexible lead.   
Supplied complete with one 1.5 volt AAA battery. Battery life approx. 10,000 hours.
Delivery Details Delivered direct from Two Wests & Elliott. 
Operating Instructions
Click here to see the operating instructions for this thermometer.
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The idea is that the fresh air, being constantly pumped in to the propagator, maintains a healthier atmoshpere by helping reduce the risk of mould or Botrytis.