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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Elite Zenith 8'5" Wide Greenhouse

Please Note: Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery on plain frame and 10-14 for painted models.
The NEW Elite Zenith range of greenhouses is the latest addition to Elites' incredible selection and has been designed to create an impression in your garden. Available in any of Elites nine sublime powder coated finishes, as well as the traditional standard alloy, the Zenith offers an amazing amount of growing volume thanks to the incredible roof design.

Standing in its 8 feet wide footprint, the greenhouse offers an eaves height of 5ft 2in combined with a colossal ridge height of over 10ft 4in, providing a cavernous growing area for taller produce and allows for superb air flow for all crops.

The Zenith uses Elites thickest aluminium bar to create an incredibly strong greenhouse. It has its own unique gutter to collect the rainwater from its huge roof space and, as standard, is supplied with a rainwater kit, automatic openers on all of its roof vents together with generous double doors with low threshold access, a 10 blade louvre, canopy seals, cantilevers on every bar and crestings and finnials for some added finesse.

A truly voluminous greenhouse standing literally head and shoulders above the rest. 
Original price £2,617.00 - Original price £7,972.00
Original price
£2,617.00 - £7,972.00
Current price £2,617.00
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Width - 8'5" (2545mm),
Height - 5'2" (1583mm) high to the eaves & 10'4" (3160mm) high to ridge (height dimensions including integral base).
The Zenith Greenhouses are available in:
Five Lengths - 6'5" / 1979mm, 9'6" / 2909mm, 12'7" / 3839mm, 15'7" / 4769mm and 18'8" / 5695mm. 
Nine Colours - green, graphite, black, white, brown, terracotta, stone, olive, berry or plain aluminium. Colours are applied using a powder coating process which results in a high class, hard wearing, professional coloured finish. 

Two Types Of Glazing - choose from either 4mm toughened safety glass or 6mm twin wall polycarbonate.

Each Greenhouse Includes

An Integral Base - manufactured from sturdy, maintenance free aluminium. The integral aluminium base enhances ease of construction enabling the whole frame to be simply bolted together.

Double Doors - access is via the 2'9" (840mm) wide & 6'3" (1910mm) high double sliding door. For easy access the doors are dropped into the aluminium base providing a ground level threshold.

Door Handle and Door Lock with key - provides some basic security for your greenhouse. 

Cantilevers On Every Bar - these aluminium T bars are fitted at the eaves and ridge of the greenhouse to provide additional strength to the framework.

Bar Capping - this provides a stronger hold for the glazing and adds a decorative finish to the greenhouse. The rubber fin also adds a better water seal between the frame and glass. Capping is used in addition to wire clips so in effect will double protection which is ideal in more exposed areas. The capping is screwed into position using colour coded screws which do not leave any unsightly silver heads on show. Canopy Seals - this extra protection at the apex of the greenhouse forms an additional barrier against rainfall.

Crestings and Finials - providing a professional finish to the greenhouse it also has the added benefit of deterring birds from the roof of the greenhouse.

Roof Vents - for good ventilation the greenhouse comes complete with opening roof vents. Two roof vents are included with the 6'5", 9'6" and 12'7" long greenhouses, four roof vents with the 15'7" and six roof vents with the 18'8" long greenhouse.

Automatic Roof Vent Openers - this Elite model will open the roof vent to 18" / 46cm allowing maximum ventilation. You receive one opener for each roof vent supplied with the greenhouse.

One Ten Bladed Louvre - this enhances ventilation in the greenhouse by helping to increase air circulation.

Extra Wide Gutters complete with Rainwater Collection Kit - running the length of both sides of the greenhouse this integral guttering also adds to the strength of the structure. The Collection kit includes pipe work and outlets for one end of each gutter and stoppers to terminate the opposite ends. 
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Please Note
The dimensions provided for greenhouses are 'nominal'. A nominal size is used for identification purposes only and will not match the exact dimensions of the product. We can supply you with exact dimensions which will allow you to prepare a base in advance if you need to.

These greenhouses are supplied direct from the manufacturers. Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no

Please Note: Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery on plain frame and 10-14 for painted models.

Help The Driver -
Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. When placing an order, please consider the following questions and contact us when placing your order with any details:
Is your address hard to find? If so, please give landmarks near the property, e.g. across the road from the pub, near the school etc.
Are there any low bridges, narrow roads or any restrictions you can think of in gaining access to the property? 
Can we get there with our vehicle? - a 15 ton lorry, 30' long, 11'4" high, 8'6" wide (similar to the size of a removal van).

Click Here for foundation and base recommendations from the manufacturers Elite.

Click here for advice on deciding on the best site for your greenhouse. 

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